ES Trying to Top Update

ES would Usually Make You Redraw the Red Megaphone Top Twice

ES is Searching for the Red Megaphone Top and would Usually Make You Redraw It Twice

ES is recrossing the blue megaphone top, trying to draw a top before a move back to its bottom and ultimately the red megaphone bottom.

The top could take a lot longer and be a lot bigger than I’ve drawn and may look a lot different from what I’ve drawn.  But in general, as that top forms, it would make you redraw the red megaphone top several times before the topping pattern breaks out downwards.

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      1. ewtnewbie

        Glad to be back. Busy week and hardly any trading even on my radar right now. Too busy and it is summer! Glad I was missed, thank you.

        Nice slam on QQQ but it fell right into the next 50% extension and bounced, go figure. Bulls still in control. :-)


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