Mini Gold Plunge Setting Up

Gold is Working on a Top Before a Plunge to the Bottom of the Gray Megaphone

Gold is Working on a Top Before a Plunge to the Bottom of the Gray Megaphone

Gold set up a legal upwards breakout from the pink megaphone inside the red rising megaphone.  The red rising megaphone is a topping pattern across VWAP of the big light blue megaphone that’s been forming since October 2o14.

That meant gold was legal to go stampeding up to a retest of the July 2016 high.  But instead, gold has gotten bogged down forming a topping pattern at the pink megaphone top.

That means gold is likely to reenter the pink megaphone for a plunge to its bottom near the red rising megaphone bottom.

Gold could be working on a topping pattern before a plunge all the way to the light blue megaphone bottom in the 700s (green scenario).  Or, more likely, it could continue to bog down in new megaphones across the 1233-1250 area as it completes a triangle (navy blue) that could break out in either direction (purple scenario).

You have to be careful about shorting here until gold actually breaks down from a complete topping pattern back into the pink megaphone.  Gold can take a long time to complete tops, even small ones.

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    1. ewtnewbie

      Yup, opex shennangans too…have a couple handfuls of near the money puts with a few weeks of time on them purchased today in case the world goes crazy over the weekend. Filled a gap from 4/10 today and there are a few gaps below us now.


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